Trackacow is a second generation Heat Detection and Cow Welfare Telemetry Monitoring System which originated in Israel by ENGS Systems - an established milking machine manufacturer operated by an enthusiastic group of Engineers and IT Specialists. Working with Dairymac Limited in the UK we can offer cutting edge parlour technology at an economical price to professional farmers.

Trackacow builds on already successful pedometer based thinking and moves it a massive step
forward with:

  • Real time information – every 4-6 minutes 24/7
  • Short range radio transmission over long distances utilising a powerful antennae
  • Advanced Accelerometer’s for logging data on movement, lying and standing etc
  • Ultra small Long Range Pedometers (LRP) – either leg or neck mounted
  • Windows based software for graphical and transmittable data to handhelds
  • The results are simply better heat detection in even the most difficult conditions and complex herd setups such as separate milking groups, heifers and robots.
  • Allows the farmer to plan the day or weekend with timely heat detection data and no guessing.

The system as installed and managed by Dairymac Limited – who has many years of experience in herd fertility management. We believe in providing a first class service to farmers and dealers in this complex area. Based in Hampshire and with nationwide coverage the company offer full telephone and physical support at all times.

More importantly we can modify each system with your particular data as no two farms are ever the same.

Trackacow – anytime, anywhere!

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In summary Trackacow offers

  • Highly effective long range monitoring over 2,000 metres
  • Real time data transmission every 4-6 minutes
  • Low cost wireless connection

System Deployment

Trackacow Smart Reporting

Trackacow synchronises with ENGS’ user friendly EcoHerd Software – a powerful but easy to use system which will do as little or as much as you require. In-depth analysis software included with each system to allow interesting statistical analysis of events etc.

Simple Reports

  • Ready for service – Cows in heat that are ready for insemination
  • Suspected in Heat – High activity cows that may be in heat
  • Cows in Heat – Cows with Insemination event
  • Activity increase – Any irregular activity
  • Inactive tags – Missing tags etc
  • Lying standing ratio – Reports indication of health i.e.mastitis, lameness etc.


  • Activity graph in convenient sliding windows
  • Full choice of resolution 1-24 hours with zoom function
  • Up to 30 days history in view
  • Posture – Lying and standing overlay
  • Selected Lactation, current and historical
  • Multiple Lactation
  • Milkmeter information (compatible systems)
  • Exportable to printers etc


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