"Pleased with Trackacow system and quick installation by James– Main thing is that it talks to our Kingswood Management System, so we don’t have to double enter any data.
Trackacow has picked up several cows which were bulling in early hours, which we definitely would not have seen."
Philip Tinsley Summerhilltop Holsteins, Dromore, Co.Down 300 Cows

"Great system, easy to operate and quickly started to pick up all heats soon after installation."
Ian Burgoyne, Shenrick, Crocketford, Dumfries 125 Cows

"Recently started milking - so needed something that would tell me when to inseminate my cows. Trackacow hits the mark, simple installation, wide coverage and an easy to use programme that tells me exactly what is going on. Highly recommended!"
Brian Trimble, Moss Road, Drumbo, Lisburn 60 Cows

"I like it, it’s a good system, easy to use and picks up most cows that are bulling."
WJ Smith, Kilmahamogue road, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim 80 Cows

"Pleased with system, Herdsman Peter is into the Computer side and we have been setting it up with bespoke features. Identifies the cows in heat as expected".
J D Wright and Son Ltd, Gore Lane Farm, Marlborough - 300 cows

"System was installed and up and running within a weekend was identifying heifers in heat.
It spotted heifers that we would not have seen using tail paints or manual methods".

Andrew Mycock, Rusty Farming Limited, Flag Hall, Buxton - 350 cows


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